My name is Hasan (I also go by "Prism"). I'm a young programmer, Linux enthusiast and free software advocate. Some of my other interests include music (everything from black metal to Russian post punk to alternative/indie to phonk), mathematics, politics, philosophy, and basically any remotely controversial topic ;). I like simple, plain-text websites, which is why this website is mostly only HTML and CSS so it can still be viewed by those using IPoAC. Web developers tend to use JavaScript for ads, popups and other annoyances.

You may notice that nearly all of my projects are written in C. I adore C, even though I'm certainly not amazing at it. I write most things that aren't really meant to be written in C in Python (think quick scripts and hacks).

I like to distrohop. Currently I'm on Gentoo, but I throughout my years of using Linux as a daily driver I've used Arch the most, with second place going to Debian. I've yet to go down the rabbithole of the various BSDs.

This website hosts some of my files for my own convenience, but you can look if you're curious.



Hosted Files:


Thanks to Luke Smith (YT) for his guides on self hosting:
Set Up a Basic Website! nginx, Certbot & secure login (YT)
Gmail's dumb: Just host your own mail server! (YT)