Hasan Zahra

Student, Programmer, Linux Enthusiast Welcome to my personal website. Here I post my software projects, and (soon) articles I've written.

About Me

I am from Florida, but currently live in Alabama. I speak very little Arabic from my Palestinian heritage, and hopefully some other languages in the future.

Here are some things I like: Here are some things I dislike:


Free & Suckless Software

I strongly support free software, as well as the Free Software Foundation. I believe that all software and/or information should be licensed freely under the GNU Public License(s), or under a CC0 (Public Domain) license. Unfortunately, I own a lot of non-free products and software, as I did not use to hold these views, and some non-free software is required for school.

I believe in simple, maintainable software - time spent maintaining complex software could be spent better elsewhere. Software should adhere to the Unix or suckless philosophies, with very few exceptions.

Free software does not just mean software with no cost. It means software that respects your rights and freedoms as an individual, as well as your personal data and information. Free software is open source, meaning the code is publicly available, which ensures the software is legitimate. If you want to be extra sure, you can compile the software yourself. This process can be made easier by using an operating system such as Gentoo Linux, where all software is compiled from source, and the option to only use free software is available.

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UPDATE: Victory!

Here is the list of free software I currently use:


This website began as a single incredibly boring HTML file with some CSS. It then went through several modifications and experimental phases where some JavaScript and frameworks were tested, and then became the (still incredibly boring) site you see now.

Badges and Buttons

Below are some badges, buttons, SVGs, and PNGs I like. They mostly come from the FSF (linked below) and were converted from .svg to .png for your convenience. Slackware Stickers
FSF stickers

This website's source code is on GitHub and is licensed under the GPLv3.
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