Hasan Zahra

who am i?

i'm a 15 year old palestinian-american programmer and anarcho communist. i'm not a good writer, but i like sharing about topics i like. i recently got a car so i may put that here. this site serves as a hub for things i find interesting or things i wish i knew starting out in the linux/programming world.

my roots

my palestinian roots are from al haram, jaffa. you can read more here. free palestine.
.🇵🇸 فلسطين حرة

my hobbies

i'm a programmer and a linux enthusiast, but i also have a developing interest in cars. i also play the saxophone.

my pc setup

c is my favorite programming language and i run gentoo linux on my main computer, debian on my servers, and arch linux on computers where i don't want to compile software. i (sadly) have an nvidia 1060, an amd fx 6300 cpu, and 16gb of ram.

my projects

most of my projects are written in c but i also use python for other things. i like these languages because they run basically anywhere and don't require a lot of setup to write/compile code.