hasan zahra

writing a static site generator

why not markdown? [#]

when i started my new website, i needed a new and better way to generate articles. most people use markdown and have a program to convert it to html and add a header and footer, but i don't want to learn markdown. i already know html, so why not just have the article be in html?

how it works [#]

each article is stored in a source directory, with no html boilerplate - just the body of the article and the title and some comments at the top for metadata. a python script goes through each file in the directory, performing the following actions:

the result [#]

i'm actually quite happy with how the site turned out. it looks simple, and a pretty short python script generates a rather complete looking site. it may be mostly plain text, but the way the formatted html looks in the files and rendered in the browser is honestly much better than i expected. the only downside is that there is (currently) no way to create the homepage, so it must be updated manually for each new article. this is a fairly simple addition, and one i plan to implement soon.

the code [#]

you can view the most up-to-date version of the code here.