Hasan Zahra

a fresh start

a new beginning! i decided my old site's design was too convoluted and i didn't like how it looked. i'm going to try to keep the website almost entirely plain-text for simplicity's sake. perhaps i'm different from most people my age in the sense that i like simple websites. i hate when i ask a question and get a link to a blog with hundreds of popups or when i'm looking at a page and my adblock's statistics show hundreds of blocked ads and trackers. why?

now that i have an actual server with my email domain set up, there's no reason to run a website with a messy layout or tons of javascript. a simple python script combined with a makefile generates my website. a simple stylesheet with no fancy rules or css hacks, that generates an incredibly simple look. who needs javascript for a simple website? it unnecessarily complicates things and just adds weight. it also discourages people who have javascript disabled for security reasons. while these people may be called "nerds", they're my target audience.

i didn't have many articles on my website before since i didn't write much. after switching to gentoo, i have plenty to write about. maybe one day when school doesn't take up all my time i can try out linux from scratch or freebsd/openbsd. i've used linux for about 1 1/2 - 2 years now, and i've learned a lot. most of which seems obvious to me, but roman zolotarev makes a good point:

"something that is obvious to you is not always obvious to other people, and something that is boring to you might be fascinating to someone from a different culture or who is new to the topic." [1]
if my writing or code helps someone else, then i've done my job. i'm not a great writer, but i'll still try to write regularly, whether it be about linux or something else. hopefully one day all my projects will live here.