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Some Helpful Self-Hosting Resources And Tips

Jun 01, 2023

Since purchasing my own domain name and VPS, I’ve set up quite a few self-hosted services, some of which are on the top bar of this website. I wanted to create a small page to list some of the sites, wikis, services, etc., that I used to get my moneys worth from my server.

The Server Itself

As far as the server itself goes, I highly recommend Hetzner. The company is German, but as of late they have servers in Ashburn, Virginia, just in case you’re in North America like me and want something close to you to avoid latency. They have the absolute cheapest prices of any provider I’ve seen. If you’re planning on doing anything shady or anything involving piracy, you may want to look for something else. Read the terms of use and privacy policy for absolutely ANY VPS provider you are considering!


For domains, I recommend NameCheap. Do not use GoDaddy.


To set up self hosted services/email, Luke Smith has great guides.

For any other self-hosted services, check out Luke Smith’s other site, LandChad. This site is what I used to set up almost all of my self-hosted services, and the instructions are easy to follow. That, combined with some basic Wikis and forum threads should help you set things up fairly easily.

Website Design

You can easily learn HTML online and set up a basic website like this one!